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Investing in an efficient heating and cooling system for your home or business can make life bliss. It can spell the difference between a comfortable and miserable existence. We at Hamilton Industries only have your comfort in mind, so we are always at hand to provide the basic heating and cooling system services and installations for you.

The type of heating and cooling system you need to install in your homes or business premises will depend on a variety of factors including your location, climate, materials used for your building, age of the building and even the costs of your local utilities. At Hamilton Industries, we confer with you or your representatives to determine these factors, in order to provide you the most suitable and efficient heating and cooling system for your comfort.

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If you need to put up a heating and cooling system, or require the repair or maintenance of an already existing heating and cooling system, check out how Hamilton Industries can help you. The installation, repair and maintenance of a heating and cooling system are technical matters so leave these things to the experts. By choosing a reliable company like Hamilton Industries for your hvac systems, you ensure quality and satisfactory work.

Take a look at our areas of expertise in the heating and cooling system industry:


Our Heating services will keep your homes and offices warm, especially when winter comes. If you haven’t checked your heating equipment or furnace yet, then allow us to do that for you the soonest possible time, so you can continue to enjoy comfortable warm days and nights even during winter time. Check out our full heating services and installations and see which ones will suit your budget and design. We provide heating services and installations to residences, corporate offices, business and industrial premises, restaurants and almost all types of institutions. We specialize in heating systems from York, an acknowledged leader in the HVAC industry for the past 130 years. Our York heating systems are found in some of the world’s major destinations including the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal in India and even the Capitol Building in the United States. Every home and business space in Greater Vancouver and nearby areas deserve quality heating systems, so call us now to experience only the best.

Air Conditioning

Our Air Conditioning page will show you the different air condition models and services we provide. We provide air conditioning services for residential homes, restaurants, business premises, and other institutions. You can count on our installation team and technicians for all types of air conditioning services, at any time. Keep your homes, offices and commercial spaces cool and comfortable the whole years round by allowing Hamilton Industries to share its expertise and take care of all your air conditioning requirements.


People spend most of their time in buildings equipped with HVAC systems, all aimed at providing comfortable living and working spaces for everyone. A building with an efficient HVAC system is one that provides comfortable levels of humidity and temperature. While any home or office can have an efficient heating and cooling system, not all of these premises take extra effort to provide well-ventilated spaces for their occupants. The quality of your indoor air is important so check out what Hamilton Industries can do for you to keep your indoor air free from pollutants through proper and efficient ventilation.


Looking for a reputable company to install or maintain your coolers? Hamilton Industries can dispatch our technicians to provide preventative maintenance for your under-counter, stand-up or even walk-in freezers, coolers and all varieties of ice machines. You can rely on our expert staff to maintain your refrigeration units and keep them in good condition. We provide refrigeration services not only for residential units, but also for restaurants and commercial establishments. Keeping your perishables within their ideal temperature is important to keep your business viable.

By availing of our heating and cooling system or our HVAC system package, you will be able to keep your homes and businesses well-maintained and efficient. For us at Hamilton Industries, it is not just a matter of providing you our services. It is a matter of establishing a long-term relationship, knowing that you can trust us to keep your homes and business locations more comfortable.

We take pride in providing quality hvac systems and services to our customers in the Greater Vancouver area and the nearby regions. Call us at (604) 434-3971 or email us @ so we can make a difference in your homes or business locations. Servicing all makes and models, our technicians are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Whether you are looking for a one-time service call, or a long-term maintenance program, at Hamilton Industries we can meet your demands.