Furnace Installation Service

furnace installation and replacement service

We offer a full range of furnace installation and furnace replacement service options for residential and commercial applications throughout the Greater Vancouver region. Our furnace technicians can answer all of your questions online or over the phone. We can help you select the best products for your home or building and get exceptional below retail pricing.

If you are in need of furnace repairs, installation or maintenance our factor trained technicians offer fast, courteous and knowledgeable service delivered right to your home. Our service trucks are stocked with all kinds of parts and all the necessary tools so we get the job done quickly and right the first time.

Furnace Energy Efficiency

Upgrading your furnace may be the single best way to reduce your home energy consumption and provide a more comfortable indoor environment. Energy costs in BC are already set to increase. Many modern furnaces have Energy ratings that could save you up to 40% over old furnace technologies that we see in so many Vancouver households.

Furnace Units

The four most common types of furnaces in use today are Single Stage, Two Stage, Variable and Combination Water Heater / Furnaces.

Single Stage Furnaces

A single stage furnace is either in the on or off position. When the indoor temperature drops to a certain level the system turns on and sends a blast of warm air into the home until a desired temperature is reached. A thermostat automatically controls these systems.

The advantage of a Single Stage furnace is its low initial price. The disadvantage is that they are the least energy efficient furnace systems.

Two Stage or Dual Stage Furnaces

This system adds an extra flame over the Single Stage furnace. This system has three positions: on/low, on/high and off. These extra settings make the furnace more efficient and therefore help to reduce energy costs.

Modulating or Variable Furnaces

A variable furnace’s motor moves at different speeds to precisely control the flow of heated air through your home. Because the system runs at a wide range of speeds and gradually ramps up to full power it eliminates the sudden noisy blast of air associated with standard furnaces.

The Variable Furnace offers the most energy efficient system but the initial investment price is also higher.

Combination Furnaces

The combination furnace provides both home air heating and water heating in one compact unit. They offer great efficiency, are easy to install and leave a small footprint.

Book a consultation with one of our furnace experts to see if a combination water heater furnace could be the right solution for your home heating needs.