industrial refrigeration services

With many years of experience in industrial refrigeration applications we have the ability to help any size of business design and install industrial refrigeration systems that will deliver on every level of system requirements, craftsmanship, energy efficiency and cost.

If damaged or inefficient refrigeration components are in need of repairs look no further than Hamilton Industries. We have experience working with both old and state-of-the-art equipment:

• Compressors
• Condensers
• Evaporators
• Recirculators
• Surge Drums
• Motor Starters
• Control Systems

Lyophilization Chambers

A lyophilization chamber is designed to help restore wet paper documents by quickly freeze-drying the items and thereby removing the moisture. Once this process is complete the items can then be restored.

Produce Vacuum Chambers

A produce vacuum chamber is used to cool freshly picked produce to minimize spoilage during shipment to market.

Custom Air Handlers

Specialized Make-up Air Units

Make up air units (also referred to as Air Tempering Units or Duct Heaters) are integral to maintaining good indoor air quality in schools, medical facilities, apartment buildings, and restaurants. By helping to maintain the proper air pressure balance between rooms, you can keep unit or cooking odors from reaching hallways or dining areas.

Environmental Chambers

These test chambers are designed to accurately produce those temperature and humidity conditions required for applications such as stability studies, package testing, TAPPI, MIL-SPEC, and vapor transmission. Applications are found in such diverse industries as pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, electronic components, food, semiconductor, paper and pulp, and wherever precise humidity and temperature replications are required.