air conditioning tips and advice

Trust the Experts for Air Conditioning Work

Do you need air conditioning service? If you want new hvac systems installed, or you need ac repair, then you have to think twice if you are planning to do the whole process yourself. After all, air conditioning systems are quite complicated and your degree of knowledge and expertise may not be at par with the experts.

When you talk about experts, many companies will probably come to mind. Just like Hamilton Industries, Ltd., the various companies dealing with air conditioning service also have their own qualifications that will warrant their inclusion in your shortlist.

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Hamilton has repeatedly advised its customers to avail of air conditioning service for their hvac systems even before their systems encounter some hitches or totally breaks down. Preventative maintenance will not only ensure that your air conditioners will work efficiently. It will also help you save up on money that would otherwise be spent for ac repair. More importantly, keeping your hvac systems under the care of a reputable air conditioning service company will avoid any unnecessary delays and disturbances later on. If you think that spring is only for blooming flowers, then you now know that it can also be a good time to get your air conditioning systems tuned up since the temperature is moderate and cooperative.

Changing your Filter and Cleaning the Air-Con Parts

There are things you can do for your air conditioners, even before you go for air conditioning service. It is important to change the filter of your air conditioners monthly, and you can ask your technician about the best filter to use the next time you get air conditioning service. Make sure you know the basic preventative maintenance works that should be done on your air conditioners like cleaning your air conditioner’s drain once a year to avoid the growth of molds. The coil of the outside condenser should also be kept clean to keep the unit more efficient.

Installation of Time Delay

Your air conditioners would have a longer lifespan if you install a time-delay or a relay and start capacitor, which is very important during power outages. Turning the air conditioner on and off in a span of five minutes will ultimately destroy the compressor. It is wise to invest in a digital thermostat which will allow you to program your air conditioners with a three to five minute delay.

While there are things you can do to keep your household or commercial air conditioners clean and in the best possible condition the whole year through, your intervention should be limited to the external parts of the air conditioner. For a more serious and complicated preventative maintenance requirement, call a professional who can provide air conditioning service at least once a year. This will not only ensure the efficiency of your air conditioners but your safety as well.