air conditioning maintenance

We perform a variety of air conditioning maintenance services throughout Vancouver, The Fraser Valley, Whistler and the GVRD region of British Columbia. We can help establish an air conditioning maintenance schedule designed to fit your brand or system’s specific requirements.

Air Conditioning System Cleaning:

In our many years of service we have observed that dust and dirt have been the leading cause of air conditioning system failures. A simple maintenance service can prevent costly repairs down the road and keeps your system running in an efficient manner that reduces overall energy costs.

Studies have confirmed time after time how a clean air conditioning system is the best way to maximize efficiency. It only takes one hundredth of an inch of dirt on an evaporator coil to reduce its efficiency by 5%. In many cases we see build-ups of dirt over half and inch, which can result in a decrease of energy efficiency by 25%.

Dirt can affect the overall performance of evaporator coils, condensers and blowers too. A dirty system can easily use as much as 50% more power. Over the course of a year this can cost business and homeowners thousands of wasted dollars. Air conditioning and heating systems are in constant use and run for approximately 2000 hours of every year.

Air Conditioner Filters

There are things you can do for your air conditioners, even before you go for air conditioning service. It is important to change the filter of your air conditioners monthly, and you can ask your technician about the best filter to use the next time you get air conditioning service. Make sure you know the basic preventative maintenance works that should be done on your air conditioners like cleaning your air conditioner’s drain once a year to avoid the growth of mold. The coil of the outside condenser should also be kept clean to keep the unit more efficient.

Professional HVAC Technicians

Only a well trained and factory certified HVAC technician has the ability to work on an air conditioning system to keep all warranties in place. Air conditioning systems are often created from a series of complex engines, fans, electrical components, fuel supplies and sometimes have dangerous emissions and gases to deal with.

It is easy to forget that heating an air-conditioning systems require routine annual maintenance. The components are usually hidden out of site and business and homeowners get used to the fact that they just work when the thermostat is adjusted.

At Hamilton Industries we take great pride in setting new standards for air conditioning service for our commercial and residential clients. Our team is comprised of experienced HVAC engineers and Vancouver’s best HVAC technicians. There are no jobs too big or too small. We work on all makes and models, old or new. We ensure that your system will run at peak performance. Our technicians will always take every measure to recommend steps that can be taken to help reduce operating costs or prevent future maintenance issues.