gas leak detection services

Our gas monitoring and detection services are available for every commercial business in British Columbia. We have worked in office towers, factories, restaurants, health care and educational facilities, laboratories and parking structures. We can help detect gas leaks and implement a customized gas detection system to safe guard your building’s occupants, assets and property.

Proper gas detection and ventilation can also help improve indoor air quality, improve energy consumption and extend green building practices.

Gas Testing Services:

Most of our commercial gas detection services deal with monitoring levels of carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust, indoor carbon monoxide levels in large structures and refrigerant gas leaks in commercial kitchen equipment and mechanical rooms.

Testing Gas Sensors:

Our technicians are factory trained and certified to handle most types of gas detection systems. We offer complete testing and calibration for all types of gas detection monitors and sensors.

Gas Detection Maintenance:

We can also help create a maintenance routine so that all of your gas detection equipment is properly monitored and inspected based on the types of products and applications being used.