Vancouver Geothermal System Services Company

Hamilton Industries has been installing and servicing geothermal systems in Vancouver since 2008. We are proud to have become one of Vancouver’s most active geothermal system contractors. Our experience, transparent design and installation process and pricing is what sets us apart from many other geothermal systems companies.

A Complete Geothermal Services Company

Our friendly team of geothermal experts are always happy to discuss any geothermal project you are considering at no charge. From property and geologic surveys to the engineering and design of new geothermal systems, drilling, geothermal piping and the installation of all interior geothermal products (heat pumps and control systems) we have you covered through every step of the process. We also perform scheduled maintenance on all types of geothermal systems and repair work when called upon.

We offer a complete range of geothermal services including:

  • Property and geologic surveys
  • Geothermal engineering
  • Geothermal drilling
  • Professional geothermal loop fabrication and installation
  • Geothermal service and warranties
  • Geothermal heat pumps (GSHP) and installation
  • Geothermal utility services
  • Geothermal carbon offsets verification
  • Geothermal system maintenance

Geothermal Systems for Any Project

We offer complete geothermal system services for all residential, commercial and industrial clients. Hamilton Industries is always available to help with the selection process of the right geothermal system for any sized project.

We offer economical geothermal solutions for every size of project:

  • Geothermal of single-family homes
  • Geothermal for multi-unit residential buildings
  • Geothermal for commercial buildings
  • Geothermal for industrial projects

Experienced Geothermal Technicians

Our dedicated team of geothermal specialists include engineers and service technicians that have factory training on most of the Geothermal systems being used in the Metro Vancouver region. Our staff are also certified under the CGC (Canadian Geothermal Coalition), TECA and ITA programs.

With our factory trained, certified and highly experienced geothermal crew you can be rest assured that your geothermal system is in good hands. We have the ability to install and service geothermal systems of any size and make.

Transparent Geothermal Service and Pricing

Hamilton Industries prides itself on offering the highest level of customer service and experience when it comes to geothermal system installations, repairs and maintenance. We offer complimentary evaluations, free quotes and product knowledge to every client. We always take the time to explain everything in very clear language with up front pricing. We value your business and are always looking to create a long-term relationship with every client. Word of mouth advertising has always been the most important factor to our success and we intend to keep it that way!