Zone Control for Heating and Air-Con Systems

A professionally installed zone control system consists of a damper and thermostat for each room (or zone) of a house or building. The damper is simply a valve that regulates airflow within the duct. The thermostats are wired into a central control panel that controls the various zone dampers within the ducts. If you turn your thermostat off the damper closes and no airflow will enter that zone.

This system of zone control is incredibly effective at achieving maximum efficiency of your HVAC system. It also allows for different areas within the same system to have different temperatures and airflows.

The climate in Vancouver is perfectly suited for this type is system because it allows the system to use less energy heating and cooling rooms when they are unoccupied.

Many larger homes, commercial buildings and industrial complexes spend approximately half of their energy costs on heating and cooling. A zone control system can save any homeowner or business thousands of dollars over the long term.

There are many zone control system manufacturers and prices can be very expensive for advanced zone control systems.

Hamilton Industries specializes in these energy management systems and can help our clients find a system that suits both their needs and budget.