commercial refrigeration services

Vancouver Commercial Refrigeration Specialists

Our expert team of refrigeration engineers, consultants and trained technicians are what separates Hamilton Industries from our competitors. We have the product knowledge to help businesses select the best possible equipment for their requirements and budget constraints. One of our key goals is to keep your refrigeration operating costs to a minimum by using state-of-the-art energy management systems.

We are a full service refrigeration company. No job is too large or too small. From the installation of a single corner standing refrigeration unit to complex refrigeration systems found in supermarkets and restaurants, we handle every project with speed and precision.

Because we manage every aspect of the design build process we can keep costs lower while offering the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Commercial Refrigeration Applications:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Supermarkets
  • Flower Shops
  • Micro Breweries
  • Butchers

Refrigeration Maintenance:

We are accustomed to working with many different types of refrigeration appliances and systems. You can have confidence that our factory trained and experienced technicians will be able to provide quick diagnostics and repairs done right the first time.

We offer 24/7 emergency refrigeration services throughout Vancouver, The Fraser Valley and Whistler.

Restaurant and Food Services Refrigeration

We think Vancouver is our nations food and drink capital and its not surprising that most of our commercial refrigeration clients are restaurants, bars, nightclubs and catering companies.

Our experience working with all types of restaurants and commercial refrigeration expertise makes Hamilton industries one of BC’s leading refrigeration companies the food services industry.

Our team of refrigeration engineers, consultants and technicians can offer your restaurant valuable product knowledge, installation services, energy management systems, maintenance and repairs.

Food Service Refrigeration Units

Ice Machines:

We can help select, install and repair all kinds of ice machines. We tend to promote ice machines with simple, elegant, easy to use designs that produce the best quality clear, hard ice. Stainless construction, solid construction, fixed and non-rotating evaporators for longevity, production capacity cycles, space saving sizes, water pumps not immersed in water, front breathing so no space needed behind the machine, easy accessibility to major components for easy repairs, removable air filters, energy efficient with great pricing.

Walk in Freezers:

Walk-in freezer systems are a major component of most restaurant refrigeration requirements. We can help select the right walk in freezer that meets your exact requirements, budget and energy usage needs. What we are looking for in a quality walk in freezer unit is high quality prefabricated panels designed for ease of installation and maintenance, correct size dimensions for the given space, high insulation value, usable inner storage configurations, quality locking mechanisms and overall energy efficiency. We can also select walk in freezers with specific exterior finishes, colours, and even glass doors for easy inventory management.

Reach-in Refrigerators:

Reach in refrigerators are readily available from many different manufacturers in all kinds of configurations with both solid and glass doors. A quality refrigerator has all stainless steel cabinets, plastic coated or stainless steel shelving, solid construction (especially the doors), bottom mounted cooling units for easy cleaning, auto evaporation controls, high insulation values, energy efficient models only, even temperature balance.

Merchandiser Refrigerators:

Merchandiser refrigerators are suit cafes, restaurants, bars and grocery stores equally well. They provide both refrigeration for your business use and easy access for customers if required. With sliding glass doors for easy access, interior lighting and lots of storage they get the job done and look sleek.

We can help you select the best quality merchandiser refrigerators that need your business goals at the best price. Keep an eye out for stainless steel construction, high quality inner shelving that can be adjusted to your products sizes. Sturdy door construction as these are usually the first point of failure. Bottom mounted cooling units that are easy to access and clean. Temperature controls and cold air circulation for good temperature balance.

Bar Refrigerators:

Perfect for holding any perishable foods or liquids, beer cans and bottles the classic bar refrigerator can come with solid or glass doors. We like units that have a mostly stainless steel construction with easy to maintain exterior surfaces like vinyl and steel. Counter tops and interiors are made with type 304 Stainless Steel for easy clean up and durability. Front breathing and all major interior components should be easily accessible for simple maintenance. Of course only highly energy efficient models should be considered.

Beer Dispensing Refrigerators:

Beer dispensing refrigerators have all the taps built in and can hold large beer kegs in each compartment. These suit any application where beer needs to be kept cold and served quickly and professionally. A few things to keep in mind when selecting a beer dispensing refrigerator are all steel interior / exterior construction, counter tops and interiors made with 304 stainless steel, recessed handles, quality beer taps, insulated interior construction, locks on doors, easy to access and clean gaskets, self closing doors, built in electrical system for easy installation, high energy efficiency.

Mega Top Refrigerators:

Mega top refrigerators are design specifically for food preparation applications. They are available from many manufacturers in a variety of configurations and sizes that can fit any space.

We can help your food services business select the best mega top refrigerator for the job. Some things to consider are stainless steel construction especially the food preparation counter top. Recessed handles, adjustable inner shelving and individual counter top containers all add to functionality and easy of use. High quality insulation and energy efficient models will help keep operating costs to a minimum. A built in electrical system and plug is very handy if the unit is going to be moved to different locations.

Wine Merchandisers:

Dual temperature glass door wine merchandisers are ideal for liquor stores, grocery stores, restaurants, bars and even have great home use applications for professionally storing and displaying wine. Sizes and quality vary greatly with these units. We can help with your selection process and installation of all types of wine merchandisers. From stainless steel construction to elegant glass and wood exteriors the sky is the limit.

You should always try to use the best known brands and be watching for muti-temperature storage ability, easy to access components, lighting, storage capacity that meets your needs.

Refrigerated Display Cases:

Refrigerated display cases are designed to allow customers to easily see your products. This curved glass deli meat and cheese service case features an endless design for continuous line ups. Hamilton Industries can help your food services business select, install and maintain any number of refrigerated display cases. Some nice features to look out for are high quality stainless steel construction, built in electrical systems, temperature and defrost electronically controlled, heavy duty condensing unit, LED lighting, sliding back door for easy access to products and for tight spaces..

Vertical Open Air Curtain Merchandisers:

Vertical open air merchandisers available in a variety of types to fit a variety of food display and refrigeration applications. We have many grocery stores, convenience stores, and cafes around the GVRD using these products. Today’s vertical open air refrigeration units feature contemporary styling and larger interior spaces than older generations. They are an attractive and easy to use option for displaying all kinds of foods and beverages.

Because these systems use more power than open door units energy efficient models must only be considered. Good vertical air curtain merchandisers have study steel construction, solid glass doors, adjustable coated shelving, LED lighting, high quality insulation and easily accessible components for quick hassle free maintenance. A condensing unit that pulls out of the front is worth its weight in gold! Front air intake, rear discharge, auto defrost, and forced air ducted flow are nice features too.

Ice Cream Freezers:

Ice Cream freezers can be temperature adjusted to fit almost any refrigeration and freezing needs. The design of an ice cream freezer makes them some of the most efficient refrigeration units. Glass sliding tops make it easy for customers to see and access what they want. We look recommend steel construction and high quality insulating materials and a minimal use of plastic materials for an environmental friendly, sturdy and energy efficient design.

Models with an easy to access drain plugs, major components, and adjustable thermostat are nice additions.

Refrigerated sushi cases:

The popularity of sushi in Vancouver makes a professional sushi case an absolute must for your sushi restaurant. We can have custom sized units created for any space. Compressors are located away from customer views,, top glass angles down, 304 stainless steel exterior body & food plates, adjustable temperature controls and humidity, excellent drainage for easy cleaning and a beautiful clean look.

We service every make and model of commercial refrigeration units including those from:

  • Brema
  • Curtis
  • EFI
  • Eurodib
  • Hoshizaki
  • Howard McCray
  • Kool-It
  • Koolaire
  • Manitowoc
  • Master-Bilt
  • New Air
  • Ojeda
  • Olis
  • Scotsman
  • Tor-rey
  • True
  • Turbo Air
  • Vollrath
  • Yoshimasa