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Selecting the Right Air Conditioning Unit

We specialize in selecting the right air conditioning equipment for your home of business requirements. Hamilton Industries has Vancouver’s most trusted air conditioning experts and engineers who have been helping create perfectly balanced systems that are cost effective to operate and deliver the exact performance required. We can help you select or install the right products based on many factors including space and local environment conditions, budget, requirements, space, design goals, and operating costs to determine the best comfort solution for your home.

We guarantee all of our work and promise that no other company can deliver the same level of product knowledge and installation experience.

We are always available for free air conditioning system consultations. Feel free to call of service department to schedule an appointment or to talk with a qualified air conditioning system expert.

Air Conditioning Units:

Air Conditioner / Heat Pumps

The outdoor part of your air conditioning system is called the heat pump. It has the ability to heat your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer. The heat pump contains several important components: The air compressor, outdoor coil, the reversing valve and a fan.

We are Vancouver’s professional choice for product information, installation, repairs and maintenance for heat pumps, their components and the entire air conditioning system.

Heat pumps are ideal for Vancouver’s moderate climate as they can efficiently keep your home or business environment at perfect temperature. They are the ideal solution for year round heating and cooling needs for any structure.