Keep your family warm this winter with these tips below. 

Clean filters
Filters play an important role in HVAC system function. Clean filters help the HVAC system working faster, more efficiently, and saving energy.

Get prepared for winter
Check out your house or your apartment before winter coming and during the wintertime. Fill or fixing the cracks or gaps around doors and windows. It would help to prevent heat loss and reduce energy consumption.

A smart thermostat could help you to adjust or set the temperature based on your preference and demand for using the heat. You can set up a higher temperature during the daytime and reducing the temperature the night time.

Replace old equipment
You may consider replacing old equipment which is no longer work efficient and consume much energy after 10 years of use. An investment in new equipment could help you saving repair costs for the unexpected shutdown.

Maintain equipment

The best way to prevent service calls for your equipment is to perform maintenance regularly. Bi-annual maintenance could be ideal for your equipment. It will make sure equipment is in good working condition before starting up a new routine for a new season.

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