Hamilton Industries offers Metro Vancouver specialized installation and maintenance service for all makes and models of VRF outdoor units.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Unit

VRF Outdoor UnitsWhen looking for an outdoor unit for your VRF system there are several design features that can make a big difference on performance and overall energy efficiency. Picked here we have the Lennox VRA Heat Recovery Unit:

  1. DC Inverter Compressors – Use of DC powered inverters maximizes energy efficiency and longevity. a 2Hz frequency step allows the system to operate with great precision, fine tuned comfort and the best possible energy savings.
  2. DC Fan Motors – DC fan motors are highly efficient (when compared to their AC counterparts). This model has 18 different speeds for precise control and therefore the best possible energy efficiency.
  3. Asymmetric Fan Blade Design – Optimized airflow with super quiet operating volume. These blades will eliminate that annoying pulsing sensation.
  4. Hinged Electrical Box – For quick and easy access to valves and piping for the fastest possible service and troubleshooting.
  5. Advanced Defrost Cycle – The use of a split-coil defrost cycle allows this VRF system to provide heat even while defrosting. Defrost on these new systems can take as little as four minutes.
  6. Refled Copper Tubing – Works with hydrophilic fins for greater heat transfer, efficiency and performance.