Hamilton Industries has the HVAC specialists to handle every make and model of indoor VRF unit. We can help recommend the perfect products for your application and provide high quality installation and maintenance services for VRF systems throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and Whistler.

What to Look for in an Indoor Unit

With so many choices of VRF indoor units to choose from it can be a daunting task to choose which is best. Our experience has shown us that Lennox products tend to be the best option for most applications. You should be looking for the following features in an indoor unit:

  1. Auto Restart – This function restores operation after a power outage.
  2. Auto Addressing – Heat Pumps and mini-VRF systems automatically assign addresses to your indoor units so they can be easily controlled with a wireless controller.
  3. Dry Mode – Allows operation with the best humidity controls.
  4. Washable Filters – Preserves air quality and reduces waste, saving money.
  5. Washable Panels – Keeps everything clean and looking good.
  6. Pre-Heat Function – Prevents air from circulating during heating mode until the indoor coil has sufficiently warmed.
  7. Remote On/Off – For greater convenience and energy savings.
  8. Error Status – Auto-alerts if there is a fault in the system.

Types of Indoor Units

Wall Mounts


Compact Casette

Ceiling Mount

Floor Mount