Lennox mini VRF unitLooking for the perfect heating and cooling system for your home or small business? A mini-VRF outdoor unit might be the perfect solution. Mini-VRF heat pumps like ones provided by Lennox offer heating and cooling solutions capable of conditioning up to 9 individual zones from a single system. The mini-VRF is ideal for light commercial and residential applications requiring high-efficiency conditioning of multiple zones.

Mini VRF Features

Some of the features that set the Lennox mini-VRF outdoor unit apart from others:

  1. An inverter driven compressor helps to reduce energy usage by varying the compressor speed in response to the capacity demand at each indoor unit.
  2. SEER efficiencies up to 16.8 and HSPF efficiencies up to 9.9 offer some of the most efficient systems on the market.
  3. Low Noise Operation – Sound levels as low as 41 dB(A).