Lennox Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are one of our most recommended products for a variety of reasons. Lennox offers a wide range of VRF products that can be easily customized to fit the exact requirements for almost any residential structure, commercial building, office space and industrial space.

We have many years of experience dealing with Lennox products of all kind and are confident in saying that they are producing the best VRF products on the market place today. The build quality is second to none, parts are readily available so repairs are quick and easy and they have the fewest maintenance issues. Lennox products do tend cost a little bit more but those upfront costs will save lots of money down the road.

Why Choose Lennox VRF Systems

There are many reasons that set Lennox VRF ahead of their competitors:

  1. Sometimes simplicity is just better. This is particularly the case with electronics and wiring schemes. Lennox VRF systems have a standard communicating wire scheme that is easy to understand.
  2. Lowest overall maintenance costs and easy to find replacement parts.
  3. High-tech fan blade design for some of the lowest volume operation.
  4. Inverter technology for maximum efficiency.
  5. DC motors use a lot less electricity.
  6. Wide range of products to perfectly suit any floor design or room size.

How Lennox VRF Systems Work

Who Needs a VRF System?


VRF systems make it easy to create zones so that every office and common area can enjoy its own individual temperature control. This allows everyone to have the comfort level that they desire and it saves lots of energy because you can turn off the zones that are not being used.


With Lennox VRF your guests will sleep soundly with the lowest sound levels and improved temperature controls. Every room can have its own temperature controls and its never been easier for management to control.


With Lennox VRF we can setup non-ducted indoor units that help prevent cross contamination. Ducted units operate with industry leading static pressure that can meet HEPA filtration needs.

Multi-Family Residential Structures

Lennox VRF provides a high-efficiency, low-maintenance comfort solution that appeals to residents, while service-friendly equipment makes life simple for management. One system can easily supply the heating and air conditioning needs of an entire multi-family residence.

Educational Facilities

Low sound levels and better temperature control create the best possible learning environment. Your management team will love the lower maintenance costs and energy savings that VRF systems can deliver.

Restaurants / Dining

Diners and kitchen staff experience greater comfort through part-load operation, even with the diverse loading conditions a restaurant experiences during a typical day.


Provides a comfort solution that eliminates temperature swings, yet still reacts to the changing heating and cooling demands throughout a typical sales day.