Hamilton Industries can help instal, maintain and repair heat recovery units for home and commercial use. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about heat recovery units including which brands are best, what models will suit your specific needs and any information on replacement parts and repairs.

VRF outdoor heat recovery unitsIn the example here we show a Lennox VRF Heat Recovery unit. This is just one of many examples of heat recover units available from a wide range of manufacturers. Recent model offerings, and excellent overall reliability make Lennox heat recovery units one of our most recommended products to choose when considering implementing a VRF system, for you home or office.

Heat recovery units offer simultaneous heating and cooling, capable of being configured to provide heating and cooling to many zones from a single system. The heat recovery process moves heat from spaces requiring cooling into spaces requiring heating, maximizing energy efficiency and occupant comfort. With the cost of energy increasing VRF systems are always a long-term cost effective solution for home, commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning requirements.

The new VRF units on offer from companies like Lennox, Trane and Fujitec are also incredibly quiet and have easy to use remote control operation.