The tips below could help you to save your electricity bills during the winter.

Smart thermostats 

It’s a good strategy to set up different temperatures at different times of the day. For example, in the morning, the heat could be set up higher than the noontime.

Also, if your thermostats are old, you can replace them with smart thermostats, which could help you to use energy more effectively and efficiently. The heating system can be controlled through a smart device such as a cell phone or a laptop which allows you to set up and control the temperature even when you are away from home.

By making the change on your thermostats, you can save up to 20 percent of your heating bills.

Close the doors of unused room 

Remind your family member to close the door of an unused room to prevent the cold air. Also, remaining the heat in the rooms you are using.

Change filters of your furnace 

Dirty air filters will prevent the efficiency of the units by blocking the airflow. To improve the quality of the air, it is advised to change the filters monthly. Also, don’t forget to clean the space around the furnace. Removed items stocked around this area also help to make a better airflow and save energy better.