Hamilton Industries is offering savings on kitchen ice machine maintenance until the end of MAR 2020

During the promotional period you can receive service on your commercial kitchen ice machines by technicians that have combined over 40 years’ service in the refrigeration industry. It also will ensure your machine continues to run smoothly all through the summer.

The service will include cleaning the bins, removal of all ice, clearing all machine drains, removal of all parts for sanitization. Removal and cleaning of the water inlet screen, cleaning of condenser, as well as inspection of all electrical components. A service report will then be generated and presented for your review and approval of any outstanding estimates as required.

Our service team will follow up the next day to ensure there are no other issues as per manufacturer recommendation.

The promotional program will save $175 off for the service. In addition, it helps to keep the ice machines up and running, prevent unplanned shutdown and savings on repair cost. Total cost for kitchen ice machine service is $400 less discount of $175= $225.

This program expires on March 31st.

Please update the information from our website or call 604-434-3971 if you need immediate support.

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