Busy summertime could lead your ice machines at risk of stop working. Don’t forget to schedule for ice machine maintenance and do ice machine cleaning to keep your ice machine working well and have clean and sanity ice.

The guide below from Hamilton Industries Ltd. ‘s technicians could help your ice machine perform better and prevent an unexpected shutdown. 


Check the bin level monthly

The bin level will be checked monthly by our technicians to make sure the ice is full. Also, the bin sensor will be inspected to ensure not being blocked by ice scoop or other items inside.


Clean and inspect inside the ice machine 

Ice machine cleaning is recommended to be done bi-annually to make sure its parts are not dirty. The first ice machine cleaning should be done before summer. March, April, or May is an ideal time to start. Accordingly, the second ice machine cleaning will be done after 6 months. The ice machine will be cleaned by the soap with warm water.

During the cleaning process, our technicians will vacuum the drain, check the contactor for black pitting, check the disconnect line, and load for tightness.

Our technicians are also wipe down the ice thickness water probe and the water level sensor.

Clean exterior

It’s the last step in the cleaning process to guarantee your ice machine gets rid of the dust and grease. The technician will clean outside of the unit and the storage bin. Also, the technicians will check the surrounding area to keep it clear and maximize the airflow.


Maintenance by yourself

Between the visits, make sure your employees can take care of the ice machine by implementing the following tasks:

– Place your ice machine at a proper temperature environment. The good temperature is from 40F to 90F or 4 °C – 32 °C. 

– Clean the surface of the ice machine daily or weekly to prevent the dust and mold

– Rinse out the ice machine air filters to keep it clean from the dust and blockage. It can be done a few times per year.

– Check the ice production daily and call us if you have any questions or immediate support. 

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