During the summertime, our customer service team received many calls from the restaurants and commercial kitchens about ice maker issues. Below are several most common problems.

The ice machine is not making ice

When you notice the ice machine is not making ice or the ice bin is empty, it is one of the most popular issues of ice makers during the summertime.

Many reasons could stop your ice machine from working. For example, a shut off arm or a shut off switch stuck on “off” position or the water supply is not working. Also, the freezer is too warm to frozen the ice could cause the issue above.

Make sure your ice machine turn on and be set at the proper temperature or get advice from our experienced technicians.

Low ice production 

If your ice machine is making ice less than usual, you may need to check if there is any frozen line that could affect the ice machine operation. Besides, you will need to check if there is any problem with water inlet or water flow. The blockage in the pump or the grease blocked condenser could affect the ice production. If the problem still can’t be figured out, give us a call to book for the inspection from our technicians.  

Ice doesn’t come out 

When the ice machine doesn’t dispense ice or water, please diagnose if there is any blockage or any problem with the water inlet which may lead to the issue.  

Ice machine leaking 

Ice machine leaking could happen when the water supply or inlet valve is loose. Also, if the ice machine isn’t being replaced on a level ground make, the fill cup or ice mold is not level. As a result, it could tip the water out and cause the leak.

Ice machine hot 

When you notice the ice machine warm or hot, check the evaporator fan if it is still working. If the temperature of the unit doesn’t change, it should be better to turn off the unit to prevent further damage. The store is recommended to call a technician for further inspection or support.

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