Winter is coming and we have got many calls from our customers asking for advice to help their HVAC system in the winter, especially the outdoor unit. Below are several useful tips that could help your units during cold weather. 

Inspect outdoor unit

Keep an eye on the units outside. If they are buried under snow, you should shovel snow away and brush ice on the top of the unit. Watching the operation of the unit, make sure when snow and ice melted, there is no water dripping inside the unit. 

You will need to check on the outdoor units throughout the winter or every time you experience bad weather. 

Don’t cover the outdoor unit 

Covering outdoor units with covers that made from PVC Coated Polyester fabric doesn’t help much under harsh weather conditions. It can prevent the airflow, causes moistures, then creates the ice built up inside the unit and lead to damage. Thus, we recommend you shouldn’t do that because most of the outdoor units are made with material which allows them to endure in cold weather. 

Proper help/ Assistance 

When you notice there is something wrong happened with your HVAC systems such as weird noise, burning smell or the temperature is cold, it is recommended to call a professional technician for help. The technician will help to diagnose and repair the problem to prevent any further breakdown. 

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