Falls are coming and it is the perfect time to think about the maintenance of your heating and cooling system.

Change the thermostat setting 

The first thing you can do is reprogram your thermostat. When the temperatures outside are cooling down, you may consider changing the temperature setting. For example, increasing the temperature from 19 degrees to 23 degrees is a great simple way to save energy and money for your business.

New air filters

Dust or cottonwood stick on the surface of the filters prevents the airflow, then reduces the efficiency of the unit. Thus, replacing the filters not only help the unit get rid of the dust, but also keeping the unit running smoothly and reduce energy consumption.

Clean the vent 

A dirty vent spreads the dust and the mold in the building, also block the airflow and prevent HVAC unit work smoothly. Make sure the vent is clear and not being blocked by anything. Don’t forget to schedule to clean the vent when doing maintenance for your HVAC system.  

Professional inspection 

A professional HVAC company will give you peace of mind by handling the service and repair of the equipment. Also, booking HVAC maintenance is recommended to be done twice a year to ensure the units run efficiently. Doing maintenance is not only saves energy consumption but also prevents service calls and reduces the cost of repair.

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