The HVAC system plays an important role in the restaurant. How to prolong the use of the equipment and make them work well? Below are several tips for your HVAC system.

Monthly maintenance 

One of the main reasons for doing maintenance is to prevent the damage from the equipment and make it work smoothly. Every month, our technicians can come to your restaurant to inspect the equipment, check operation, clean kitchen ice machines, clear drains and change air filters in your central air conditioner, economizer, furnace, etc.

Seasonal maintenance 

Summer is the time that your equipment needs to work hard. Make sure your HVAC system has a preparation before summer comes.

For example, your restaurant can have a kitchen ice machine maintenance from 1 to 2 months before the summer starts. Our technician could help to implement the kitchen ice machine maintenance package and ensure your machine works well through the summer. The service includes cleaning the bins, removal of all ice, clearing all machine drains, removal of all parts for sanitization.

Bi-annually cleaning evaporator and condenser

A clean evaporator or condenser does not only help to reduce the energy consumption and save your money, but also extend the equipment’s life expectancy. You can schedule to clean evaporator and condenser every 6 months to get rid of the dust. Our technicians will vacuum the machine, check the contactor for pitting, tighten the lugs on line and load side of disconnect.

Proper airflow

Ensure to keep your air conditioning unit a proper distance from the shrubs and plants nearby by trimming or cutting them monthly. Also, do not forget to keep the vents cleaned to make the airflow circulated well.

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