Summer is the season that your business consumes more electricity than usual. Save several tips below to help your business reduce energy consumption and save money for the energy bill.

Change the filters monthly

Replacing the filters brings many benefits to the HVAC units. Clean filters help to maximize the airflow, then help the HVAC unit functions well. Also, reduce the energy consumption from the equipment. 

Clean the debris 

Cleaning the debris, cottonwood inside the vent of the system helps the air conditioner run at the high efficiency. Cleaning the ductwork monthly also helps the system run effectively and consume less energy.


Thermostats allow you to control the temperature better, even when you are not at the store or the restaurant. You can set a specific temperature or adjust the temperature depending on the real weather condition. 

For example, you can lower the temperature for the air conditioning system in the day time. Then, set the temperature higher at night time when the outside temperature is cooled down. Thus, your air conditioner doesn’t need to work at max capacity all the time. As a result, it could help to save energy for your business.

Replace old units 

Old units without proper maintenance could run slowly and inefficiently. It is better to replace these units with new equipment. The new units could need a big investment, but for long term use, it will help to save energy and reduce the expense. 

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