White House Heating and Air Conditioning Upgrades

With the White House is set to upgrade its heating and air conditioning systems president Trump will get another chance to relax at his Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey. The HVAC upgrades are scheduled to take about 17 days to complete. These upgrades will be done in the West Wing of the White House which contains many of the offices of the President of the United States including the Oval Office, the Cabinet Room, the Situation Room, and the Roosevelt Room.

As a heating and air-con enthusiasts we would love to have a closer look at what the White House is planning.

The White Houses’ current HVAC systems are put under a lot of stress. They have not been upgraded for 27 years and they are used almost 24 hours a day 365 days a year. A spokesperson for the white house has said that based on the level of usage the White House HVAC system is more like 81 years old and its time for a replacement.

What HVAC Systems should the White House Use? We take a closer look…

Finding information about what the White House plans to use as equipment for the HVAC upgrades is very difficult. They have not released exactly what products are going to be utilized.

Based on the size and floor area of the West Wing we will take an educated guess that they will be using Lennox’s VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems throughout.

Why Choose Lennox VRF HVAC Systems?

The VRF system from Lennox offers a complete solution for heating and air conditioning requirements that will be suitable for an area the size of the West Wing. It will provide one of the most energy efficient HVAC solutions and a wide-range of easy to use thermostats.

White House VRF Heat Recovery Unit

At the heart of the system is a Heat Recovery Unit. We are betting that the White House will be using Lennox VRF Heat Recovery Units. One simple unit should be enough to provide both heat and air conditioning to the entire West Wing of the White House. A heat recovery unit maximizes efficiency by moving internal air into spaces requiring either hot or cool air.

Indoor Units

We think that the Lennox cassettes will be used to deliver the heated and cooled air into the West Wing. These units can be placed into ceilings with limited space and will give the cleanest appearance as they are well concealed. In rooms where the ceiling is too high or not compatible with cassette units they will probably use a more standard Lennox VCFA (Vertical Ceiling and Floor Mount) unit for air delivery.

Mode Selection Boxes

The White House HVAC system will almost certainly utilize an MS (Mode Selection) Box. It offers flexible installation configurations with each port featuring a dedicated sub-cooling circuit. Integral hot gas bypass control maintains minimum suction pressure during part load operation. This maximizes the efficiency and performance of the HVAC system to the highest standards.


For the ultimate in control we like the Lennox TOUCHSCREEN PROGRAMMABLE LOCAL CONTROLLER Model V0STAT51P-2. The best on the market featuring large display and wireless remote control.

White House Solar Roof

Why not top off the White House HVAC systems power supply with Tesla’s new solar roof panels? Elon Musk is using them on his own home and it would be fantastic if the White House gave its support to an American based company and became itself a leader in the use of solar power as an alternate energy source.