Follow the tips below could help your HVAC system perform well in the summer.

Change the filters monthly 

There are many benefits to changing the filters. It helps to prevent the unexpected shutdown of the equipment, expand the life span of the equipment, save energy, and provide fresh clean indoor aiflow.

We recommend you change the filters of the rooftop unit, kitchen unit, dining unit, or a furnace every month to prevent the dust, mold, and bacteria that clogged on the surface of the filters, then prevent the airflow.

Never leave an air filter with no replacement for more than 90 days. Schedule the maintenance and keep it being repeated monthly.

Inspect wiring

Check the electrical supply or wiring around the equipment to make sure they are tightened and be safe.

Also, notice the changes in the equipment such as the temperature (warm or hot), a burning smell, or flashing light from the equipment. Sometimes, the damaged wiring could cause these problems. Turn off the equipment and call for immediate support from HVAC technicians.

Check your ductwork 

The system will work more efficiently when the ducts are cleaned and sealed properly. Don’t forget to check and clean the ductwork frequently.


Installing thermostat to set up and schedule the temperature indoor could help you have better control and save the energy better.

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