Thermostat is faulty

The thermostat doesn’t respond or work improperly is a popular issue. There are many reasons for that issue such as the batteries need replacement or faulty wiring. If the thermostat is broken, install a new one and re-calibrate it to the heater. A new thermostat will help to save energy.

Uneven air-flow temperature 

If you notice the temperature in some areas of your store such as the kitchen, front counter or lobby are colder than the others, it is another common issue. Firstly, you should check if the thermostats working properly. When the thermostats don’t respond or the temperature doesn’t improve, it is recommended to call for a service.

Also, you are advised to check if there is any hole or crack around doorways, window, and the wall in your store which could affect the airflow.

Dirty filters

If you haven’t changed the filters usually, now the time to think about it. A dirty filter with dust and debris could block the airflow and prevent heat circulation. It also makes your unit work less effectively and consume more energy.


During the wintertime, the outdoor unit could be covered by ice and snow. Low temperature and icy layer freezer up the coil and the fan, then make them fail to work.

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