Top Beneficiaries of Refrigeration Engineering

Refrigeration systems are a common feature in most households today but can you imagine how people had to contend with the saltpeter and water mixture to produce low temperatures and preserve their food and beverage? Before the invention of the walk-in freezers, people had to use ice and snow to keep foods and drinks in their ice box to keep them cool. refrigeration engineering

Up to 3000 refrigerator patents have been filed as early as 1880 but people only started to use the refrigeration systems in the 19th century after an industrial pollution contaminated the ice sources. The use of ammonia gas in refrigeration systems, which scared consumers because of its safety, was also stopped and replaced with chlorofluorocarbons or more commonly known as Freon. Ironically, the use of this compound in hvac systems including heating and cooling systems has again raised some concerns among safety advocates and environmentalists

The Montreal Protocol mandated the phasing out of the use of CFS for HVAC/R systems by 2020 for highly developed countries and by 2030 for developing countries. But as the whole world tries to comply with the said provisions, thousands of Residential/Commercial and other industries using HVAC/R systems continue to require preventative maintenance of their systems.

General refrigeration Canada services are in demand in the British Columbia area because of the many applications requiring the refrigeration systems including industrial freezers, walk-in freezers, heating and cooling systems, and household refrigerators among others. Hamilton Industries, Inc. is one of the many hvac companies you can count on for the preventative maintenance of your refrigeration systems. Hamilton is ready to provide you with new refrigeration systems to keep your households and your companies efficient. It can also upgrade or provide maintenance for your existing systems.

It is important to choose a trusted general refrigeration Canada company because refrigeration systems can get complicated and installing, upgrading or maintaining them requires a certain degree of experience and expertise. To give you an idea of how refrigeration systems have invaded not only Canada but the rest of the world, check out the top sectors of society that benefit from the use of this system.


One of the largest users of refrigeration systems since its discovery in the 1870s is the brewing industry. The better-tasting lager beers from Germany posed a challenge to American breweries. It did not only encourage competition among the breweries but it also paved the way for an increase in demand for refrigeration systems. Almost all breweries were equipped with industrial freezers and refrigerators by 1891.

Meat industry

General refrigeration Canada is highly in demand among the country’s meat producers today. Yet unknown to many, the meat industry only used the refrigeration system late in the 1900s. The Big Three meat packing and slaughtering companies in Canada, Swift Canadian, P. Burns and Company and Canada Packers benefitted from the improved transportation and refrigeration systems in the country, as it allowed them to process and distribute their produce more efficiently.


The household sector is indeed one of the greatest beneficiaries of the general refrigeration Canada development. Among the commonly-used application for the refrigeration systems in the homes are air conditioners and refrigerators. While air conditioners kept most homes cool during summer, the refrigerators worked all year round to keep fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products fresh for a longer period.

Almost all sectors of society now benefit from the development of the world’s refrigeration systems. More than 10 million refrigerators are sold in the United States alone, and while the estimates can be a little conservative for Canada, you can be sure that it will be a substantial number. That means more people will be looking for general refrigeration Canada services in the future.

When in doubt about how your refrigeration systems are working, you can rely on Hamilton Industries, Inc. to give you an accurate diagnosis of the present state of your machines. We can install a new one for you, or upgrade and maintain your existing ones. Our services are available 24/7 so call us anytime you need help.